Trappers' Compensation Program

The Alberta Trappers’ Compensation Program provides a framework for compensating Senior Registered Fur Management Agreement (RFMA) holders for business losses incurred through industrial activity on their RFMAs, when they are unable to reach a settlement with industry. Compensation will also be considered for incidences of theft or vandalism to assets on RFMAs.

Claims are reviewed by the board members of the Alberta Trappers Compensation Board. This board consists of members of government, industry, and stakeholders in the trapping community.

The Alberta Trappers Association administers the Alberta Trapper Compensation Program through a Memorandum of Understanding with Alberta Forestry and Parks and is responsible for distributing any compensation resulting from the decisions made by the Alberta Trappers Compensation Board.

To qualify for the Trappers’ Compensation Program, your claim must fall within these categories:

  • Direct damage to trapping-related assets and improvements, including cabins, trails, traps, snares, stretching boards, etc.
  • Alberta Trappers’ Association
  • Theft/Vandalism to trapping related assets and improvements.
    • Claims must be accompanied by a police report and affected assets must be non-insurable.
    • Compensation for cabins are limited to a maximum of $3,000 each.
  • Temporary disruption to trapping activities due to industrial activity that prevents the maintenance of traditional trapping effort and/or harvest.
    Long-Term Loss of Livelihood. Compensation for up to five years will be based on the maximum annual trapping revenue of the previous three years as reported on fur harvest reports.

Requests for compensation must include any attachments relevant to the claim including:

  • Photographs, especially for theft, vandalism and arson, or trail disruptions, etc.
  • Police reports
  • Description of equipment stolen and estimated value of items.
  • Dates of disturbance and/or when discovered.
  • Names of companies involved or others that can verify loss.

Submissions for compensation must be made on the approved ATCP Claim form found on the:

To learn more about the Alberta Trappers’ Compensation Program, or to find out how to make a claim, visit:

Trappers must cooperate with industry to ensure the success of the program. If you have any questions about this program, please contact a Fish and Wildlife District Office Fish and Wildlife District Office or the Alberta Trappers Association, Box 6020, Westlock, Alberta T7P 2P7 (780-349-6626).

Updated: Nov 1, 2023