Road Corridor Wildlife Sanctuaries


A road corridor wildlife sanctuary is the land within 365m (400 yds) of the centre line of a specially designated road, where hunting is prohibited and the use of firearms is highly restricted.

What are the regulations governing a road corridor wildlife sanctuary?

According to the Alberta Guide to Hunting Regulations, “No person shall possess a weapon in these sanctuaries unless the weapon, if it is a firearm, is unloaded and either dismantled, encased or completely enclosed by another suitable covering. If crossing a road corridor wildlife sanctuary on horseback or on foot, a firearm must be unloaded and the person must be traveling in a direct route to leave the sanctuary.”

Why do we have them?

To help conserve wildlife populations in areas where new, or relatively new, roads create unsustainable hunting pressure.

Where are the sanctuaries?

Road corridor wildlife sanctuaries are marked by road signs.

The maps on this web page give detailed information on the location of each one in Alberta.

Updated: Nov 19, 2018