Ice Safety On Stocked Waterbodies

A number of Alberta lakes and ponds are aerated through the winter to improve the survival of stocked fish. Aeration systems are managed by the Alberta Conservation Association (ACA).

Please take extra caution and follow posted instructions at Alberta's aerated lakes and ponds.

Alberta's aerated water bodies are:

  • Beaver Lake
  • Birch Lake
  • Cecil Thompson Pond
  • Coleman Fish and Game Pond
  • East Dollar Lake
  • Fiesta Lake
  • Figure Eight Lake
  • Hansen Reservoir
  • Hasse Lake
  • Ironside Pond
  • Jackfish Lake
  • Kerbes Pond
  • Millers Lake
  • Mitchell Lake
  • Moonshine Lake
  • Muir Lake
  • Peanut Lake
  • Spring Lake – Stony Plain
  • Spring Lake – Grande Prairie
  • Sulphur Lake
  • Swan Lake
  • West Dollar Lake
  • Winchell Lake

Contact information for each lake is available from:

Updated: Oct 15, 2021