Draws Timetable

2021 Draws Timetable
End - May

Alberta Hunting Draws booklet is available online, at Licence Issuers and Fish and Wildlife offices.

June 1 – 24

Applications including Wild Turkey Draw may be purchased online at AlbertaRELM or at Licence Issuers.

Starting July 14

Draw results available online at AlbertaRELM

July 14
  • Licences available for purchase online at AlbertaRELM or at Licence Issuers
  • Undersubscribed special licence information available online at AlbertaRELM.
  • Undersubscribed special licences will be issued on a first come-first serve basis and will be available until the last day of the available licence season or until they have been sold out. To buy your licence(s) online, you must have pre-numbered Government of Alberta tags before you begin your purchase
August 2

Applications for Elk Landowner Special Licences begin

August 12

Antelope and Mule Deer results available online at AlbertaRELM

Antelope and Mule Deer Special Licences Available

Applications for Mule Deer Landowner Special Licences begin

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Updated: Jul 9, 2021