Salvage Fishing Licences

COVID-19 response: temporary closures

The Government of Alberta has temporarily closed front counters at all Fish and Wildlife offices across the province.

Alberta Parks facilities, including parking lots, are also temporarily closed. For more information, visit the Alberta Parks advisories page.

For more information about Alberta’s COVID-19 response, visit COVID-19 info for Albertans.

A salvage fishing licence is a special licence that can be issued in certain situations that allows for the harvest of fish resources that would otherwise be lost due to an environmental or extreme condition (i.e. low water levels, low dissolved oxygen, dewatering of irrigation canals). Certain conditions and restrictions are applied to these licences, including allowable methods, total number of fish to be retained, and prohibitions against selling any fish caught. Anglers can refer back to this website page for postings of any salvage fishing opportunities.

The cost of a Salvage Fishing Licence is $5, plus GST, for all eligible residents under the age of 65. These licenses are free to residents over the age of 65 years. Certain conditions apply to Salvage Fishing Licences, including allowable methods and prohibitions against selling any fish caught.

To find an office near you and to receive more information on potential salvage fishing licences or opportunities, visit the Environment and Parks (AEP) website at:

Updated: Mar 30, 2017