Competitive Fishing Events

A competitive fishing event is a competition involving 26 or more anglers where prizes are awarded based on fishing success — for example, on the size or weight of fish caught. The three categories of competitive fishing event — small, medium and large — are defined by their total prize values and number of participants.

Competitive fishing events often raise funds for important causes, and as anyone who has ever participated in one can tell you, they're also a lot of fun. But there is some potential downside to competitive fishing events, as the increased angling pressures associated with them can have significant impacts on fish populations.

Licensing for competitive fishing events was introduced in 2006 to help reduce these impacts and safeguard the long-term sustainability of the province's fisheries. You can read more on the background to licensing for competitive fishing events, and find answers to your other questions, in our Frequently Asked Questions below.

The following resources are available for organizers of competitive fishing events:


Licence Conditions for Competitive Fishing Events

Competitive Fishing Events (CFEs)
Best Management Practices

Frequently Asked Questions

Contacts for Competitive Fishing Event Licensing

Updated: Feb 21, 2017