Provincial Hunting Day

Special hunting on the 4th Saturday in September

The Government of Alberta has designated the 4th Saturday of September as Provincial Hunting Day. This special day allows youth to experience an additional upland game bird hunting opportunity and learn proper hunting, including ethics and responsible hunting practices from experienced hunters. This also provides an opportunity for seasoned hunters to share their love of the outdoors.

This initiative helps ensure that Alberta continues the strong tradition of hunting, which provides outdoorsmen and women the opportunity to experience conservation and a connection to the land.

Aside from the opportunities for eligible youth to hunt upland game birds, there are no additional opportunities being made available for hunters and hunting on Provincial Hunting Day. Hunting groups will be hosting events throughout Alberta and will be providing mentoring opportunities for first-time hunters.

Youth Hunting Initiative – 4th Saturday in September

Eligible youth can hunt upland game birds on Provincial Hunting Day without a provincial Game Bird Licence.

To be eligible:

  • the hunter must be an Alberta resident, 10 to 17 years of age, who has passed the Alberta Conservation and Hunter Education course
  • the youth must be accompanied by a parent, legal guardian or someone who is 18 or older with written permission from the parent or guardian in order for the youth to hunt using a firearm
  • the youth can only hunt upland game birds for which there is or will be an open season in that WMU (regular bag limits apply)

Participants should also note:

  • Camp Wainwright (WMUs 728 and 730) is not open to hunting on this day.
  • Merriam’s turkey may not be hunted anywhere in the province on this day.
  • A resident youth who already holds a provincial Game Bird Licence may also hunt additional species of upland game birds that are open to youth hunting on this day.
  • Licensed adult hunters may hunt with eligible youth on this day, but only for upland game birds for which the regular season is open.
  • To help mitigate the spread of wildlife disease, basic hygiene including washing hands with soap and water, wearing latex gloves, and disinfecting work surfaces after processing wild birds are added precautions that further limit any potential risk.

Updated: Sep 21, 2022