Wildlife Identification Number (WiN)

All anglers and hunters must have an Active Wildlife Identification Number (WiN) before purchasing any licence, wildlife certificate or draw application. The 10 digit number confirms eligibility for a licence within seconds. The same WiN is used to purchase both hunting and fishing licences. A WiN is also required to purchase a Public Lands Camping Pass, see

WiN card activation requires a one-time $8.00 fee (plus GST). Current WiN card holders are required to pay the one-time fee when their card expires to renew. After activation, your WiN never expires and no renewals are needed again!

Create or renew your WiN card online at

for a $2.00 discount off the activation fee.

Physical WiN cards will no longer be mailed out. If you prefer to have a physical card, you can purchase a new or replacement card for an additional fee of $3.00 (plus GST)


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Active Network manages the system, allowing private businesses the opportunity to provide public services they can deliver efficiently.

The management of fish and wildlife is complex and needs as much information as possible about the resources and the people who use them. The automated licensing system provides current and accurate information about anglers and hunters, while also providing better licensing services.

Private Licence Issuers are stores, gas stations, and other retail locations throughout the province:

AlbertaRELM.com is a website where hunters and anglers can buy or renew their Wildlife Identification Number cards (WIN), buy Sportfishing licences and apply for draws:

Hunters and anglers can also view their licence purchases for the past five years including their draw application history and priorities, update their addresses and telephone numbers, and receive information.

You will need:

  • Computer with internet connection
  • E-mail address
  • Printer to print your licences
  • Valid credit card

Your internet browser should be Microsoft Internet Explorer version 8.x or higher. To print your licence, you need Adobe Acrobat Reader Version 7 or higher (or equivalent .pdf file viewer). Adobe Reader X (v.10.1.1 or higher) is recommended.

Your internet browser shows you are on a secure server if the URL of the website begins with “https” rather than “http” and there is a closed padlock on the status bar.

AlbertaRELM.com is protected with a secure internet service called Verisign. The information you enter is transmitted to us using a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) of communications.

Your credit card information is encrypted for added security. Your credit card number is not stored in our database, which is why you need to enter your card number for each transaction.

In Alberta, you must be at least 12 years of age to possess a hunting licence. Everyone 12 and over wishing to purchase a recreational hunting licence must have a WiN


Successfully completing a conservation and hunter education course (or passing a hunter-competency test) is required only for first-time hunters applying for a hunting licence if such hunters:

  • have not passed such a course or test elsewhere and
  • are not non-residents accompanied by a licenced guide

Anyone who applies and pays $8.00 is eligible for a WIN card.

You can update your information in any of the following ways:

  1. Change your personal information online:
  2. Head over to your local Issuer and complete a WIN Application form to up-date any new information (Section A). A new WiN card purchase is NOT required.
  3. Telephone the Active Network AlbertaRELM Help Desk:
    Toll-free in North America: 1-888-944-5494

The system allows Fish and Wildlife Officers to confirm licences in the field, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, against the database in Edmonton, even if the licence was purchased on the same day.

A portion of the one-time WiN account funds are used to enable the fee collection system. The remainder is returned to AEP and supports ongoing conservation management of fish and wildlife in Alberta.


If you have more questions about purchasing hunting or fishing licences in Alberta, contact:

AlbertaRELM Help Desk
Toll-free in North America: 1 888 944-5494
Outreach Services
Alberta Environment and Parks
Tel (Edmonton Local):
780 944-0313 / 780 310-3773 (AEP)
Toll Free: 1 877 944-0313

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Updated: Aug 29, 2022