Advisories, Corrections and Closures

Angling Advisories

No Angling Advisories at this time

Safe and minimal catch-and-release handling should be followed at all times, to reduce fish stress and mortality. See:

Fishing Guide Corrections

Watershed Unit Water Current Regulation Effective Date
NB3 Wabasca River - Portion between South and North Wabasca lakes

Walleye 3 over 50 cm

Northern Pike 2 over 63 cm

Walleye 0 fish

Northern Pike 0 fish

April 1, 2019
Crayfish Page 26 In all waters, other than the Beaver River, people may harvest crayfish without a licence by legal means. Legal means are currently angling, dip net, seine net, minnow trap and capture by hand. If angling crayfish, a sportfishing licence is required and sportfishing regulations apply. April 1, 2019
NB2 Lesser Slave River The tributary and backwater upstream of the bridge that is east of the weir on the Old Smith Highway The tributary and backwater downstream of the bridge that is east of the weir on the Old Smith Highway April 1, 2019
ES1 Belly River / Mainstem upstream of Sec. Rd. 800 and tribs Missing closed season

Open June 16-Aug. 31; Bait ban; 0 MNWH; 0 Trout

CLOSED Sept. 1 - June 15

April 1, 2019

Read the Sportfishing Regulations

Waterbody Closures

No emergency waterbody closures at this time


Please contact your local Fish and Wildlife Office for more information regarding fisheries advisories, corrections to fishing regulations or waterbody closures.

Updated: Jul 22, 2019