Advisories, Corrections and Closures

Angling Advisories

Low flow volumes and high air temperatures – August 8, 2018

Area affected: Provincial but especially southern Alberta.

Low river flow volumes and high air temperatures lead to warmer water temperatures that are not ideal for fish. Anglers are encouraged to follow proper angling practices that reduce impacts to fish:

  • choose fishing spots that are not under a low flow advisory
  • fish in the early morning when temperatures are cooler
  • minimize handling time
  • fish in stocked ponds and lakes
  • use single point, single hook lures or flies (example: no treble hooks or multiple hooks on a single lure or fly)

Safe and minimal catch-and-release handling should be followed to reduce fish stress and mortality. See:

Fishing Guide Corrections

Waterbody Closures

The following closures are due to a chlorinated water spill and the extreme risk to the sustainability of fish populations.

The following waters are CLOSED to fishing until further notice:

  • Nordegg River
  • All tributaries to the Nordegg River
  • Brazeau River downstream of Brazeau Reservoir


Please contact your local Fish and Wildlife Office for more information regarding fisheries advisories, corrections to fishing regulations or waterbody closures.

Updated: Sep 21, 2018