Advisories, Corrections and Closures

Angling Advisories

As of 12:00am on Saturday August 19th, 2023, time of day angling restrictions are no longer in effect. See the Time of Day Angling Restrictions page for details.
  • Angling advisories remain in place for parts of Alberta including ES1, ES2, PP1 and NB3, where declining river flows and hot weather can result in warmer water temperatures that can cause stress to fish.
    • Fish only in stocked ponds and lakes – avoid fishing in creeks and rivers
    • Fish early in the morning when temperatures are cooler
    • Using slightly heavier tackle can help you reel in a fish quickly, which helps reduce exhaustion and improve recovery
    • Keep fish wet at all times and minimize handling time
    • Use single point, single hook lures or flies (example: no treble hooks or multiple hooks on a single lure or fly).
  • Summer kill, when a large number of fish die in a lake, is also common after a spell of hot weather. This is due to stress to fish caused by being ‘squeezed’ between the water layer near the surface that is very warm, and water further below that may not have enough oxygen. Summer kills are rarely a severe or cause a total kill, but fish that are already less resilient due to age or illness usually succumb first. If you observe a summer kill, please contact the local fisheries biologist: Regional Fisheries Contact Map .
  • Fishing Guide Corrections

    Waterbody or Item Current Item Corrected Item Effective Date
    Kids Can Catch Pond
    Page 32.
    Open May 1 to September 30 Closed for the 2023 sportfishing season April 1, 2023
    Carseland-Bow River Headwater Canal. Between McGregor Lake and the drop structure 1 km above Secondary Road 542.
    Page 62.
    1. 0 walleye limit
    2. Open May 8 to September 30 and Decemeber. 1 to March 15
    1. 1 walleye 50-55 cm
    2. Open May 8 to November 30 between sunrise and sunset, and open December. 1 to March 15 all day
    July 14, 2023
    Provincewide Maximum Possession.
    Page 22.
    Walleye and sauger – 3 in combined total Walleye and sauger in combination – 3 in total
    Walleye – 3 or no more than 12 when harvested under the authority of Special Harvest Licences (SHL) when combined with the annual sportfishing licence.
    July 14, 2023

    Read the Sportfishing Regulations

    Waterbody Closures

    • No emergency waterbody closures at this time


    Please contact your local Fish and Wildlife Office for more information regarding fisheries advisories, corrections to fishing regulations or waterbody closures.

    Updated: Aug 18, 2023