Gull and Tern Egg Consumption Advisory

Alberta’s Chief Medical Officer of Health has issued the following food consumption advisory for gull and tern eggs:

Recommended Gull and Tern Egg Consumption Limits
Waterbody/Region Consumption Limit
Child 1-4 yrs Child 5-11 yrs Child 12-17 yrs Women who are (or may become) pregnant Other Adults
Lake Athabasca 1 egg every 2 weeks 1 egg per week 4 eggs per week 3 eggs per week 8 eggs per week
Mamawi Lake 2 eggs per week 3 eggs per week 7 eggs per week 5 eggs per week 12 eggs per week

Important! If fish are regularly consumed from these lakes or from lakes where there is a fish consumption advisory in effect, no eggs should be consumed by children or adults.

For detailed information about gull and tern egg consumption advisories, please contact Alberta Health and Wellness at:

Updated: May 17, 2017