Camp Wainwright Ungulate Hunt

Please read carefully as some information and procedures have changed.

Important information for 2023

Alberta Environment and Protected Areas, Fish and Wildlife Stewardship (EPA-FWS) works collaboratively with the Canadian military to be able to provide a unique hunting opportunity on Canadian Forces Base (CFB) Wainwright:

  • EPA-FWS is responsible for the management of all wildlife and for allocating special licences for eligible resident hunters through the draw system.
  • CFB Wainwright is responsible for and controls all access on the base, including the determination of access requirements and managing pre-registration processes.

Pre-registration for Métis and First Nations Hunters

All Métis harvesters and First Nations hunters must pre-register before November 15, 2023. Failure to pre-register will result in you being turned away at the Hunter Check Station (HCS).

To pre-register please email: with the following information:

  • photo or scanned copy of your Métis Harvester Identification Card or Treaty Card
  • the dates you plan on attending

Access Requirements

Individuals accompanying hunters will be limited as follows:

All special licence holders and registered Indigenous hunters (Métis harvesters and First Nations hunters) May have only 1 individual accompany them on base. This person may be either a partner licence holder or a non-hunter.
Partner licence holders Will be considered the hunter helper for the special licence holder they are associated with.
Indigenous hunters (Métis harvesters and First Nations hunters) All Métis harvesters and First Nations hunters must be pre-registered for the hunt in accordance with the process outlined above.
  • All Métis harvesters will be required to present their harvester card at the Hunter Check Station (HCS) to verify that they are authorized for Metis Harvesting Area D, in accordance with the agreement between the Government of Alberta and the Métis Nation of Alberta.

All registered hunters may have only 1 non-hunter accompany them on base.

General access requirements

  • All persons entering the base must sign a waiver. Please download and complete a waiver prior to your arrival at the Hunter Check Station (HCS). Waivers can be downloaded from:

  • All persons entering the base must report to the HCS (follow signs posted on base) for mandatory check-in and safety briefing in order to be granted access to the hunting area.
  • All persons reported in to the HCS are required to attend a complete safety briefing the first day of their hunt:
    • 6:00 am: Doors open for registration.
    • 7:00 am: The first complete briefing starts. Doors will be closed to the HCS as soon as the first briefing begins,
    • Additional briefings will be offered at 9 am and 1 pm only.

Hunters must check in and out at the HCS every time they enter or leave camp for any reason.

Other requirements and restrictions

  • Base area closures: Military use of the base is paramount and subject to change on short notice. Large areas of the base may be closed to hunting, depending on training requirements.
  • Out of bounds areas: Certain areas of Camp Wainwright are permanently closed to all hunting (example: artillery impact ranges); other areas may be closed on a day-to-day basis. Daily Closures are communicated to hunters at the Hunter Check Station during the morning briefings.
  • Off-highway vehicle restriction: Off-highway vehicles (snowmobiles, all-terrain vehicles, etc.) are not permitted at Camp Wainwright.
  • Safety wear requirements: All hunters and non-hunters on the base must wear blaze orange. At a minimum a traffic safety vest or high visibility vest should be worn (simply wearing an orange cap is not sufficient).
  • Overnight camping and open fire restrictions: No overnight camping and no open fires are allowed.
  • Vehicle towing: The military will not assist hunters with vehicles that are stuck or have mechanical problems. Hunters must make their own towing arrangements.

Anyone found to have entered closed areas or contravened any other regulations, policies or conditions of access may be asked to leave the base and may have their hunt terminated.

Hunting information

  • All hunting parties are provided with a large laminated map of the base which is to be returned at the end of the hunt.
  • Alberta Fish and Wildlife Enforcement Officers as well as the Military Police will be patrolling the base during the hunt to ensure hunter compliance.
  • WMUs 728 and 730 are mandatory Chronic Wasting Disease submission zones so samples will be collected from all harvested animals.
  • The only legal animals to hunt on the base are mule deer, white-tailed deer, moose, and elk. All other wildlife species are closed to hunting.

Hunting dates

Species Hunt Date
Deer Primitive weapons (bow or muzzle loader) only November 30 to December 2
Deer Rifle 1 December 4 to 6
Deer Rifle 2 December 7 to 9
Deer Rifle 3 December 11 to 13
Deer Rifle 4 December 14 to 16
Moose (Antlered and Anterless) Primitive weapons (bow or muzzle loader) only November 30 to December 2
Moose (Antlered and Anterless) Rifle or other legal weapon December 4 to 9
Moose (Antlered and Anterless) Rifle or other legal weapon December 11 to 16
Either Sex Elk Primitive weapons (bow or muzzle loader) only November 30 to December 2
Either Sex Elk Rifle or other legal weapon December 4 to 16


If you wish to ask any questions about accessing the base for the hunt, contact us at:

All queries about the Base hunt must be directed to This email account is monitored on a periodic basis. People are not to reach out to Base staff directly.

Updated: Oct 13, 2023