Black Bear Baiting

In Alberta, black bears are managed using hunting seasons to provide recreational opportunities for the public and to help reduce conflicts.

Hunting seasons occur during both the spring and fall, with additional allowances for harvest outside of these time periods on private land.

Baiting Black Bears in Alberta

In some parts of Alberta, the use of bait is allowed to attract bears for the purposes of hunting.

Black bear baiting

  • allows hunters to be more selective in choosing a bear to harvest
  • creates close-range shot opportunities for a more humane harvest
  • helps to ensure that females with cubs are not killed

Why Baiting is Allowed in Some Places and Not Others

Baiting for the purposes of black bear hunting is not allowed in areas with resident populations of grizzly bears.

Grizzly bears can be extremely protective of food sources. The hunter or other members of the public that approach a bait area that has been claimed by a grizzly could face a serious conflict if the grizzly defends its food source.

Where Black Bear Baiting is Allowed

Baiting of black bears is permitted in the following Wildlife Management Units (WMUs)

Wildlife Management Unit(s) Open to Black Bear Baiting:

  • 322
  • 330 to 338
  • 348
  • 358 to 360
  • 500 to 506
  • 509
  • 510
  • 512 to 520
  • 522
  • 523
  • 529 to 536
  • 539 to 544

Maps of Wildlife Management Unit(s) with Portions Open to Black Bear Baiting
(select WMU below for details)

Other Restrictions Apply

Check the Alberta Guide to Hunting Regulations for information about hunting season dates, bait signage requirements and other restrictions:

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