Family Fishing Weekends

Catch a Memory

Fishing is an easy and enjoyable way for family and friends to connect with some of Alberta’s greatest natural resources – our lakes, rivers, streams and the fish that live in them.

Family Fishing Weekends, no licence required, occurs twice a year. Albertans and visitors are invited to give fishing a try on water bodies with open fishing seasons (not in national parks). Keep in mind that fishing regulations still apply.

Alberta Family Fishing Weekends – no licence required, happens during the Family Day long weekend in February and in the second weekend of July.

Fish Stocked Waters

Alberta has approximately 300 stocked water bodies for anglers to enjoy. They are frequently stocked with rainbow trout, brook trout, brown trout or cutthroat trout.

Stocked waters are listed beginning on page 16 of the 2017 Alberta Guide to Sportfishing Regulations. Find a stocked lake near you and enjoy catching a memory on your family fishing experience.

View current fish stocking reports at:

Family Fishing Weekends coming up:

  • July 8 and 9, 2017
2013 Fishing Weekend

Fishing Regulations Still Apply!

Alberta's sportfishing regulations apply all year to anglers of all ages and residences, including during the Family Fishing Weekends.

Aim to be a Responsible Angler

  • Know the regulations for the limit and species for each season
  • Know how to identify fish to better follow the regulations
  • Handle fish with care to help them survive after they have been released back into the water
  • Use barbless hooks that are easier to remove when you are practicing catch and release

To order a printed copy of the sportfishing regulations, visit the Alberta Environment and Parks (AEP) website at:

Help prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species – clean, drain and dry your boat and fishing equipment after using them.

Are you hooked?

Would you like to keep fishing after the Family Fishing Weekends? A Wildlife Identification Number (WIN) card and Alberta sportfishing licence are required for:

  • Alberta residents age 16 to 64
  • Canadian residents (from outside Alberta) age 16 and older
  • Non-residents (from outside Canada) age 16 and older

To purchase your WIN card and fishing licence online, visit:

Updated: Jul 7, 2017