Important Notice

Please be aware that the 2024-25 Sportfishing Regulations will be published later than usual. In the meantime, the 2023-24 Sportfishing Regulations will continue to apply. All anglers must continue following those regulations until the new regulations are published for the 2024-25 angling season.

Before you head out to enjoy a day of fishing, ensure you are familiar with the sportfishing regulations for those waterbodies. Sportfishing regulations play a critical role in the sustainability of Alberta’s fish populations and recreational fisheries. Updated annually, the sportfishing regulations will answer any questions you may have about the regulations for the waterbody you’re planning to visit, such as:

  • Is the fishing season open?
  • Is fishing with bait allowed?
  • Is there a size limit?
  • How many fish am I able to keep?

For answers to these and other questions, you need to access the Alberta Guide to Sportfishing Regulations (“guide”). To do this, you can:

Watch a video on how to use the guide

The Alberta Sportfishing Regulations Application

A web-based application is now available to view the sportfishing regulations from your mobile devices or desktop computer. The application is map-based; you can search for a waterbody, search an area, or use your location. It is designed to provide easy access to the sportfishing regulations and information related to fisheries management in Alberta.

Know before you go!

This is a web-based app that does not need to be downloaded to your phone. It is accessed while you are in cell service. If you are leaving cell service, know the regulations before you go, download the PDF of the Guide, or take a printed copy of the Guide with you.

How to use the Application

Once you’ve opened the application on your mobile device or computer, there are multiple options to navigate towards the waterbody you are interested in. For each waterbody, you will find information including:

  • the fishing seasons and bait rules
  • Sportfishing regulations for each species, including possession and size limits

If the waterbody has regulations for more than one area or section, read the descriptions for each and click on the area or section to see the regulations.

To find these waterbody regulations, you can:

binoculars image icon

Search for a waterbody by clicking on the binoculars. Type its name or use the area search tool.

zoom out image icon zoom in image icon

Zoom in and out using your mouse or the zoom buttons, and clicking on a waterbody.

northeast arrow image icon

Zoom to your current location by clicking on the arrowhead symbol and then touch a waterbody for regulations.

For additional information:

information image icon

Find popular links, Report-A-Poacher and National Parks fishing information by clicking on the information icon

question mark image icon

For Help and Contact Information, click on the question mark icon in the top right hand corner.

View updates, corrections to sportfishing regulations or sportfishery closures:

Updated: Mar 12, 2024