Hunting in Castle Parks

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The Government of Alberta has temporarily closed front counters at all Fish and Wildlife offices across the province.

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  • Vehicle access is now permitted at parking lots and staging areas in provincial parks and public land. Facilities like playgrounds and washrooms remain temporarily closed. For more information, visit the Alberta Parks advisories page.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Hunting is an important recreational activity available in more than 85 per cent of the land base in Alberta’s parks system, including the Castle parks. There are some restrictions on these lands to maintain public safety and protect sensitive species and areas. Some important information about hunting in the Castle parks is below.

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Like all Wildland Provincial Parks, hunting will continue to be permitted in the Castle Wildland Provincial Park under current regulations. These same regulations will also apply to Castle Provincial Park in the short term, including the 2017 hunting season.

In the longer term, a review will be undertaken to determine wildlife management priorities in the Castle Provincial Park. This review will likely lead to a tailored plan (and may include a wildlife management unit with specific allocations) to meet conservation objectives in the park. While some restrictions may be introduced, hunting will remain an important tool for managing wildlife populations.

Yes. According to Parks Act General Regulations, a hunter is required to have a discharge permit to hunt within a Provincial Park. The permit is required in addition to a valid hunting licence. This regulation applies to all Provincial Parks in Alberta where hunting is allowed. If a hunter is carrying a gun between two parks, or hunting in land adjacent to a park they will require a discharge permit or have the firearm unloaded and disassembled or fully encased.

Discharge permits for the Castle Provincial Park can be downloaded or obtained from any Alberta Parks’ office or from a Conservation Officer. Permits are free and the only significant change to hunting is the requirement to report hunting kills within 30 days to the District Office.

Conservation Officers and Fish and Wildlife Officers are asked to carry copies of the permit with them to distribute to hunters that do not have them. This year’s intent is to educate hunters on the need for a discharge permit and facilitate compliance.

Off-highway vehicle use is allowed on all designated trails in the Castle Wildland Provincial Park and Provincial Park for the 2017 hunting season. Hunters will still need to move game to a designated trail. Beyond that, trail access options will be developed with user groups to ensure hunters can still recover game. Highway vehicles are no longer permitted on trails.

Hunting questions can be directed to:

Visit Alberta Parks to find a hunting contact in your area:

Updated: Aug 31, 2018