Alberta Game Policy Advisory Committee (AGPAC)


To engage game-resource stakeholders in a collaborative process to advise and inform development of game management policies and legislation in Alberta, through:

  • Knowledge transfer on key game management issues
  • Eliciting perspectives and proposed solutions on identified topics
  • Facilitating development of a shared vision for game management

Desired Outcomes

  1. Maintain a positive, strategic relationship with game-resource stakeholders.
  2. Maintain open, transparent and inclusive dialogue.
  3. Maintain a collaborative relationship, based on mutual respect for diverse stakeholder values.
  4. Maximize stakeholder understanding of government policy and regulatory process.
  5. Council is effective, efficient and relevant in advising on game management in Alberta.

Guiding Principles

  1. Provincial scope game policy issues is the council’s focus.
  2. Council membership is commensurate with responsibility and expertise required to achieve the AGPAC’s purpose and desired outcomes
  3. Members are constituency based in the representation of interests, while also being accountable to AGPAC in developing solutions based on their knowledge and expertise while engaged in Policy advice, as required.
  4. The council will be engaged at the earliest opportunity possible in the process, and Stakeholder perspective will be used to inform decisions
  5. Discussions will be informed by the best available knowledge, with new information incorporated as it becomes available
  6. Although consensus will be sought, this council is not a decision-making body. Final authority for policy and legislative decisions rests with the Minister or their representative.
  7. The intent is for a collaborative relationship, based on common values, interests and understandings and members agree to, within their respective organizations, take the steps necessary to ensure this intent is realized


AGPAC membership represents relevant Government of Alberta departments along with established stakeholders representing sectors with mandates relevant to and/or significantly affected by game management policy and legislation.

Terms of Reference

Updated: Jan 22, 2020