Lakes With Fish Kills

Due to low oxygen levels resulting in fish kills, the following Quality Stocked Fisheries will not provide fishing opportunities at this time. Fishing is not recommended on the following lakes:

  • Fiesta Lake
  • Millers Lake
  • Muir Lake
  • Beaver Lake - impacted by significant winter-kill with a reduction in numbers of large fish. Reasonable numbers of fish remain and will provide some fishing opportunities this spring.
  • Mitchell Lake - impacted by a partial winter-kill with observed losses of some large fish including Brown Trout but assessments indicate reasonable fishing opportunities remain.
  • Ironside Lake - impacted by a partial winter-kill, the assessment indicates reasonable numbers of fish remaining and will support continued fishing opportunities this spring.
  • East Dollar Lake is expected to have been impacted by a significant winterkill based on extremely low dissolved oxygen levels, though no formal assessment can be completed to quantify this loss.

    The lake will be stocked in 2016 as per schedule from the Fish Culture program. Dates to be determined.
  • Steele (Cross) Lake in Cross Lake Provincial Park recently experienced a significant summer-kill. As a result, regulations have been changed to 0 limit for Pike and Perch

Once the lakes have been restocked with trout, fishing will again be encouraged at these sites, however, anglers can expect not to see any large fish for several years to come.

NOTICE: Due to a significant drop in oxygen levels at Jackfish Lake, regulations have been changed for this lake to catch-and-release only to protect surviving fish. If residents want to remove dead fish on the shoreline, they can dispose of them in containers at the main boat launch supplied by Parkland County. These will be emptied regularly until April 26.

Updated: Aug 12, 2016