Stoney Lake

Harvest Opportunity Resumes for Anglers at Stoney Lake (Siler Lake)

In 2016, Stoney Lake experienced a partial summer kill. Until an assessment of the remaining fish populations could be completed, conservation measures were put in place to provide the Northern Pike and Yellow Perch as much protection without closing the lake to fishing. An index netting survey of the lake was conducted in July 2017.

The survey showed that the abundance and size of Pike and Perch were adequate to support reinstating the sustainable harvest management objective and regulations, once again providing fish harvest opportunities.The report on this survey can be downloaded here:

Effective immediately, the fishing regulations have been returned to the following:

Date Range Fishery Status
May 15 to Mar 31

Fishery open under the following regulations:

  • Northern Pike limit: 1 over 63 cm
  • Yellow Perch limit 10 any size
Apr. 1 to May 14 CLOSED

For more detailed information on the 2017 fish assessment, or for more information regarding these regulation changes, please contact:

Alberta Environment and Parks
Fish and Wildlife District Office
St. Paul, Alberta
Tel: 780 645-6336

Frequently Asked Questions

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A fish kill occurred in August, 2016. A considerable number of dead Pike and Perch were observed along the shoreline of Stoney Lake. A harvest closure is necessary to protect the surviving fish from harvest, and a closure will also allow the maximum number of spawning fish to re-establish the fishery.

The kill may have been caused by an algal bloom. Subsequent death and decomposition of the algal material may have led to reduced dissolved oxygen in the lake. Limited or rapid declines in oxygen levels can cause stress and mortality of fish. Other related causes, if prevalent, may have been due to toxins released from blue-green bacteria (e.g., Microcystin) in the algal bloom, which can also cause stress in fish.

AEP cannot prevent anglers from legally fishing a lake; however, the angling regulation may determine the lake they choose to fish at.

Updated: Sep 19, 2017