Fisheries Management Changes

Notifications of Proposed Management Regulation Changes to Recover Fisheries

Northern Pike and Walleye Recreational Fisheries Management Frameworks

Following are notifications of proposed changes to Recreational Fisheries Management Objectives (RFMO) and regulations for 2018 at waterbodies identified as having fish conservation concerns (Fish Sustainability Index 2 or less), particularly in regards to local northern pike and walleye fish populations.

Waterbodies are listed by Fish Management Zone (FMZ). For a reference list and map to the waterbodies and their related FMZs, see:

To review details of the proposed RFMO and regulation changes by waterbody, choose a waterbody listing by FMZ below.

NOTE: Waterbodies marked with an asterisk have RFMO reports available as part of the Phase Three Recreational Fisheries Management Objectives Consultation currently underway at:

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No regulation change notifications are currently available for this Fish Management Zone.

Waterbody Legal Land Description
Blue Lake - Nov 6, 2017 (2 pages, <1 MB)  NW8-52-26-W5
Cache Lake - Nov 6, 2017 (2 pages, <1 MB)  SW17-52-26-W5
Graveyard Lake - Nov 6, 2017 (2 pages, <1 MB)  NW17-52-26-W5
*Gregg Lake NE32-52-26-W5
*Jarvis Lake NW32-51-26-W5
*Minnow Lake NW31-50-14-W5
Rock Lake - Nov 6, 2017 (2 pages, <1 MB)  SW5-52-02-W6
Waterbody Legal Land Description
*Iosegun Lake NE20-63-19-W5
Smoke Lake - Nov 6, 2017 (3 pages, <1 MB)  NW16-62-20-W5
Waterbody Legal Land Description
Barnes (Clear) - Nov 6, 2017 (3 pages, <1 MB)  NW1-44-05-W4
*Buck Lake NW26-46-06-W5
Gull Lake - Nov 6, 2017 (3 pages, <1 MB)  NE25-41-01-W5
*Sylvan Lake NW23-39-02-W5

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Updated: Dec 13, 2017