North Central Native Trout Recovery

About Alberta's North Central Native Trout (NCNT) Recovery Program

The North Central Native Trout (NCNT) Recovery Program is starting up in Alberta’s Eastern Slopes Fish Management Zone (FMZ). The purpose of the program is to monitor and recover declining populations of native trout and whitefish in select watersheds of the central and northern parts of the zone.

Where and When the NCNT Program is Taking Place

The program is scheduled to run from 2017 to 2024 in the following areas:

Watershed Unit Watershed
  • Clearwater River
  • Lower Ram River / North Saskatchewan River
  • Pinto Lake
  • Red Deer River
  • Berland River
  • Pembina River
  • Kakwa River

Impact on Fishing in the Eastern Slopes FMZ

While the NCNT Recovery Program is running, fishing and outdoor recreation opportunities in the selected program areas will be affected.

To address key threats currently limiting bull trout, Athabasca rainbow trout and Arctic grayling populations, management actions will include habitat remediation and/or fisheries closures.

Depending on fish population status and public feedback, some fisheries closures may be in place for five years or more, with stocked lakes and ponds within closed watersheds remaining open to fishing unless otherwise posted.

For more details about the North Central Native Trout Recovery Program, visit the Alberta Environment and Parks (AEP) website at:

Updated: Sep 21, 2017