Tiger Trout Stocking

Tiger trout are a sterile hybrid produced by crossing brown trout and brook trout. These fish have recently been approved as a new species available for stocking in Alberta waters to create Quality Stocked Fisheries as they may provide unique recreational opportunities, stimulate economic activity to the area stocked and improve angler satisfaction.

Based on the results of an assessment during the summer of 2015, nine lakes were selected as candidate waters for initial stocking – from those nine; three were chosen and stocked for a two-year monitoring program. These sites were chosen based on an online survey open during July and August of 2015 and consultation with other agencies that have a vested interest in the management of these waters.

In October 2015 approximately 20,000 tiger trout were stocked into 3 lakes in Alberta that met all biological and social requirements .Water bodies chosen include: Black Nugget Mine Pit (11-49-18-W4), East Twin Lake (29-97-22-W5) and Lower Chain Lake (7-69-23-W4).

Voluntary Catch-and-Release

Fisheries management is conducting a two-year monitoring program of the initial stocking to gauge the performance (catch rate, angling effort, survival and growth) and dietary preferences of tiger trout with an overall objective of improving Alberta's stocked fisheries and to help form best management practices for the stocking of this sterile hybrid in Alberta. Ecological effects on the aquatic community and behavioral patterns of tiger trout will also be monitored.

During the survey, fisheries management asks that all tiger trout caught be voluntarily released. Tiger trout have yet to be defined as a game fish in regulation and voluntary release is required to monitor tiger trout performance and thus the future of the tiger trout stocking in Alberta.

Any questions or comments about the survey, stocking or voluntary catch-and-release can be directed to Jim Wagner.

Updated: Oct 29, 2015