Tiger Trout Stocking

Tiger trout are a sterile hybrid produced by crossing female brown trout and male brook trout. These fish have been approved as a new species available for stocking in Alberta waters. The goal is to provide unique angling opportunities, stimulate related economies, and contribute to angler’s satisfaction.

The Federal Government has moved forward with changes to the Alberta Fishery Regulation (1998). Specifically, this allows tiger trout to be listed as a sportsfish in Alberta. This allows Alberta to define quotas and size restrictions for tiger trout. Please review Site-Specific Regulations and on-line regulations regularly.

The lakes currently stocked with tiger trout and the regulations at each waterbody are as follows:

Waterbody Watershed Unit Recreational Fisheries Management Objective Regulation
Blood Indian Reservoir PP2 Put-grow-and-take Trout limit 3; BNTR, BKTR, TGTR over 35 cm; RNTR no size limit; Only 1 trout of that total may be a BNTR, BKTR, or TGTR
Lower Chain Lake NB2 Quality Trout limit 3; TGTR limit 0
East Twin Lake NB3 Put-grow-and-take Trout limit 5; TGTR limit is 2 over 35 cm
Black Nugget Mine Pit PP2 Put-and-take Trout limit is 5
Moonshine (Mirage) Lake NB3 Put-and-take Trout limit is 5

For 2018 fishing regulations, see the online Guide to Sportfishing Regulations at:

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Updated: Apr 16, 2018