Angling Guide Licence

Are you an Angling Guide Operating in Alberta?

Alberta is creating a new licence that will be required by anyone operating as an angling guide in 2022.

In pursuit of the fishing experience of a lifetime, recreational anglers have been hiring experienced angling guides to accompany them for many decades in Alberta.

The angling guide industry in Alberta is active and diverse. It is supported by guides that have experience and knowledge catching sport fish species on some of Alberta’s most beautiful waterbodies. From the large prairie rivers of picturesque southern Alberta, to remote lakes in the boreal forest and beautiful Rocky Mountain streams, angling guides help anglers create the types of fishing memories that last a lifetime.

The Angling Guide Licence program supports Alberta’s angling guide industry in creating fishing memories for anglers from Alberta and beyond, while contributing to the sustainability of fisheries.

New in 2022 - Angling Guide Licence Highlights

Alberta Environment and Parks is updating aspects of its current licencing system to modernize and to help ensure the sustainability of fish populations and fisheries. Licencing angling guides provides AEP with information that will be used to better understand the guiding industry in Alberta and any potential impacts to our fisheries.

  • Licencing will be through Alberta RELM
  • The annual cycle of the Angling Guide Licence will be April 1 to March 31 of the following year.
  • Guides will need to be eligible to work in Canada, be 18 years of age or older and will need to purchase a Sportfishing Licence (as required by age) prior to purchasing an Angling Guide Licence.

Annual Reporting Requirements

There is a need to collect some information on guiding activities so that Alberta Fisheries Management can better understand the guiding industry in the province. This will assist in further engaging the guiding community and Albertans on the future development of this license.

Angling guides will be required to complete an annual guiding report in Alberta RELM prior to being eligible to renew their angling guide licence for the subsequent year. Reporting will begin for the 2022-23 licence year.

The report will ask for:

  • By waterbody, the number of days and anglers guided and,
  • By waterbody, the number of each fish species kept and or released

To ensure accurate information is submitted, information can be submitted throughout the licenced year through your Alberta RELM account.

Updated: Dec 20, 2021